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CLEANSE Frankincense Floral Water offers an energetic cleansing ritual to clear the body, spirit, and mind of any negative forces and protects your aura from any outside influences and interferences. Shungite is said to have amazing protective energy for any EMF and 5G radiation.


This spray is amazing to use when you feel like your energy may need a little protection and/or clearing. It is also wonderful to use in place of a smoke clearing when smoke can not be used.


All sprays are made on auspicious days of full moons, new moons, and other prominent astrological dates and infused with Reiki for the highest magic and intentional energy to share with you.

AIAIA CLEANSE Frankincense Floral Water Spray With Shungite

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  • Aiaia is a mythical island inhabited by the sorceress, Circe, created from the mind of Homer and re-imagined in the beautiful book by Madeline Miller of the same name, Circe. Madeline Miller’s book is dedicated to shining light on Circe and her magic while finding her ultimate freedom while residing on the Island of Aiaia. This finding of self and the freedom that inevitably comes from that journey is the inspiration behind the AIAIA range and the magic that resides in creating natural products infused with magic and intention.

    AIAIA CLEANSE Frankincense Floral Water with Shungite is designed to be used as an Aura Spray to cleanse your energy and energetic field.

    Spritz around your head and body and also into any space that you feel needs a little clearing.

    This spray can also be used as a facial toner!

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