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This full moon demands that we shift from outer authority to

inner authority. To dial up the expression of our own inner

superhero, our authenticity, and become who are in all our

power. This requires us to have a laser focus on what it is that

we want to create. 


Find everything you need to create a beautiful Full Moon in Capricorn ritual and work with the energetic gifts on offer.


You will receive:


Full Moon in Capricorn Workbook ~ A printable pdf that walks you through the Full Moon in Capricorn and provides you with all you need to conduct your Full Moon ritual, including:

~ Written Full Moon in Capricorn Energy Reading

~ Moon Phase Guide

~ Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual outlined instructions

~   Full Moon in Capricorn Journal Prompts

~ Full Moon in CapricornAffirmations

~ Full Moon in Capricorn Inncovation

Full Moon in Capricorn Workbook

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