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Being connected to and trusting your intuition, you are able to rely upon your internal compass comprised of integrity, knowing, a higher perspective and instincts that can guide you daily. Our conscious reasoning, conditioning and fear-based perceptions often cloud, block or dilute the wisdom our intuition can offer at any given moment. When you trust your intuition, you are tapping into your deep well of innate knowledge and wisdom.


Use this essence when you are:

~ignoring gut feelings

~ not trusting self

~ seeking a higher perspective


This essence will assist you in:

~ connecting with your intuition

~ opening your third eye

~ clarity

~ accessing your higher self


Dosage: 7 drops under the tongue upon rising and retreating for at least two weeks

(the bottle contains approximately 600 droplets per bottle, equating to 3 rounds of the suggested dosage)


  • This essence is intended to assist you in connecting with and trusting your intuition. Your higher self, or your intuition, is always there to help guide and reassure you. By accessing its wisdom, you can build confidence in yourself and the decisions, big or small, you need to make.


    Bush Fuchsia Essence ~ for building a connection with your intuition

    Bush Iris Essence ~ for awakening your spirituality

    Paw Paw Essence ~ for improved access to your higher self


    Bush Fuchsia Essence, Bush Iris Essence, Paw Paw Essence, Purified Water, Brandy 25% 7.5ml (12.5% alcohol)

    Infused with Reiki Healing Energy

    Store In A Cool, Dry Place

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