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An elixir to awaken your higher self.
Not cacao powder, not hot chocolate.
This is an elixir that can be used alongside your daily rituals.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is an ancient elixir that has been utilised in sacred settings for thousands of years by ancient Mayan cultures. It differs from cacao powder as the whole bean is used upon consumption, unlike cacao powder, our cacao chunks include cacao butter, the main carrier of all beneficial components of cacao.

Your perfect partner for daily ritual, meditation, intention setting and creativity.



Nourish Hub Ceremonial Grade Cacao 50g

Only 9 left in stock
  • • Ethically sourced & sustainably harvested directly from family-owned Peruvian farms

    • Native, certified organic strains of Cacao

    • 100% waste-free packaging

    • Gluten free & Vegan

    • Fair trade

    Cocoa (the stuff most of us use to make hot chocolate) and cacao both come from the cacao bean. The main difference is how they’re processed. Cocoa is made by roasting the cacao bean at a high temperature and supplementing with additives to overcome its bitterness. When the bean is roasted at a low temperature and has minimal or no additives it produces cacao – a more nutrient rich and flavourful version of chocolate.

    Cacao is rich in flavanols, a plant compound that has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve circulation to the brain and heart and is full of antioxidants. It also has lots of potassium which can reduce inflammation in the body and stress on cells and contains iron and tryptophan – an amino acid your body uses to make serotonin and help you relax.



    ~ Connection to self & others

    ~ Calms & grounds

     ~ Wonderful coffee replacement (increased energy without the jitters)

    ~ Circulation

    ~ Heart opening


    50g aprox 3-4 servings

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