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Australian Bush
Flower Essences

Kirsten Leo

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Flower essences have a very long history of healing and helping. From ancient times until now, flower essences have been widely used. My decision to use, study and create Australian Bush Flower Essences was simple - they work. The flowers in these essences come from an ancient land and have evolved in relative isolation for the last 45 million years. Australia's flora is unique and infused with Australia's wise old energy combined with this land's potent vitality. Because of its vastness, many Australian plants enjoy a clean environment, relatively unaffected and untouched by human and chemical influences. This makes Australian Bush Essences potent in their healing potential. Whatever essence you take, the intention is always the same - to move from a negative emotional or vibrational state to a positive one. When emotional or vibrational balance is restored - healing can occur. These powerful essences work on restoring your subtle energetic bodies and shifting your vibrational state with the intention they have been infused with. Enjoy using this precious essence, lovingly made by my hands, to be put into yours.

Kirsten ~x~

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